Nailing A Sales Presentation For Your Software Business

Sales presentations are best suited for when you need to present information to a group larger than three. Under these circumstances, it isn't practical to simply hold a conversation. The good news is that with a larger audience, there are more opportunities to "wow" someone who may then influence the final buying decision. If this is your first presentation for your small software business, follow these steps:

Conduct Extensive Research On Your Audience

Your presentation begins with extensive research into your audience. How you present your software to business management would be different from how you would present your information to a technical team. Consider how much technical jargon your audience will understand and try to keep it as low as possible. It can be difficult to predict exactly what jargon your audience will remember even if the audience is technically-savvy. But at the same time, you must avoid over-explaining concepts that your audience should already grasp.

Summarize Your Key Points

Starting with a summary for your technology sales presentation will make it easier for your audience to remember each of the important points you will discuss. If you show that you are aware of the key concerns that your customer has, you will appear like an expert. Also, repeat the points that you most want them to remember at the end of the presentation.

Stay Relevant

Focus on the information the audience came to learn about rather than irrelevant information. Do not focus on yourself or your company unless it ties in an objective way to how your product solves a particular problem. If you will include an anecdote, make sure that it promptly relates to the subject.

Emphasize Value

Focus on the value that you will be providing over your competitors. If the features that your software application has are similar to those of your competitor, look for the features your competitor lacks that could give your prospective customer the edge. Or focus on the user-friendliness of the software and how easy changing management will be. If your only strength is price, emphasize how you can provide the same features, but at a lower price.

When assembling a team to perform sales pitches, you will need someone who not only knows the proper way to market your products to your target market, but who also has the ability to break technical ideas down to more simplistic concepts. If you aren't comfortable presenting or haven't found someone like this yet, it's time to find a sales management recruiter to help you.

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