Cut Down On Turnover By Tailoring Business Coaching To Millennial Employees

Scores of important reasons exist to bring in a business performance coach to an office. Among the most common reasons is to boost short-term productivity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling on a business performance training coach to address current deficiencies, but the approach is a limited one. Business owners interested in protecting their bottom line should also think about bringing in a reliable coach to help with retaining millennial employees.

Millennial Turnover

The numbers associated with the turnover of millennial employees in the office is somewhat surprising. Inside Indiana Business reports "the median turnover rate for employees [age] 25 to 3.0 years." These younger employees do not depart the office out of anger or disloyalty. They generally leave for the following two reasons:

  • To seek more challenging work.
  • To earn more money.

Savvy millennials understand their initial career options are limited, which is why they are open to taking a not-so-perfect job offer in order to gain experience. After the aforementioned three years elapses, the older-and-wiser employee is going to look for something better. It would behoove management to make sure the path to betterment is created in-house. Solid business performance training should be able to help chart out this path.

Training That Underscores Progress

The Harvard Business Review reported the main thing that keeps employees in the fold is progress. As long as the employee feels he or she will move up the ladder to better and more lucrative positions, the employee is likely not to quit. The business performance training could play to the unique skills millennials possess such as their exceptional knowledge about social media and technology. Businesses must integrate new technological and communications systems into daily operations in order to be successful.

The business performance training could show millennial employees how to build on their current knowledge of social media for a variety of business-oriented duties. Sales, internal communications, and customer service are among those duties. The coach may also prove how this specialized knowledge makes and employee valuable to the company and sets the course for the employee to grow and make progress with the company as his/her special skills become vital to day-to-day operations.

Uniquely Experienced Coaching

Based on their unique life and cultural experiences, millennials should be coached by someone with extensive experience dealing with people in this age group. Otherwise, the best possible connection between the coach and the team won't be achieved. And this solid connection is absolutely going to be necessary to experience results and cut down on turnover.  

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