Four Things You Should Know Before Writing That New Resume

Whether you're new to the job market or an old hand who's been working for many years and is currently switching gears, you probably already know that the best tool in your job search arsenal is a good resume. However, not all resumes are created equal. Following are four strategies that you need to know about making your resume stand out from the crowd. 

Tailored Keywords 

Many potential employers use online tracking systems to identify applicants with the desired qualities. Resumes that don't contain the applicable keywords often fail to get past the initial screening by the automated system. An experienced, professional resume writer with awareness of how modern applicant tracking systems work can ensure that the right keywords are used to get your resume noticed. 

Short and Sweet

Although it's tempting to provide a long, detailed list of accomplishments on your resume, most employers won't look past the first page. Keeping it concise piques the employer's interest and makes them want to find out more -- which will give you something to talk about during the interview. Your resume should also be easy to scan, which is another thing that professional resume writers realize -- pertinent information should be quick and easy to find rather than hidden in big blocks of text. The key scannability is to have plenty of white spaces on the resume. 

Objective and Summary Statements

A clearly worded objective statement at the top of your resume leaves the reader with a precise picture of your career goals and aspirations -- what you hope to accomplish within a particular time frame. Not all resumes have this -- if you decide not to include an objective statement for the sake of brevity, be sure to include your career goals in your cover letter. A summary statement should highlight your qualifications, achievements, and skills in ways that make employers eager to find out more. 

Social Media Profiles 

Many modern employers are going to ask you for these anyway, so you may as well get ahead of the game and list them on your resume. Your social media profiles should provide a clear snapshot of who you are as a person and as a professional -- so avoid posting pictures of you and your friends playing beer-pong or engaging in political disagreements on public pages. Many people maintain separate social media accounts specifically for professional purposes and for use on resumes so they can maintain a degree of personal privacy. 

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